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A game show podcast where GLHF regulars and special guests compete in a gaming variety show to earn points and become the overall victor. You can listen while commuting or working, or play along at home.

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Monday Jun 17, 2024

This time we're joined by the wonderful Danielle Bisutti, an accomplished actor and voice actor who has starred in a variety of shows and games you've probably already enjoyed. Danielle has been in Charmed, Two and a Half Men, 90210, CSI, LEGO Video Game Movie 2, and of course, God of War: Ragnarok as Freya.
In this episode Danielle shares some stories from her past and future career, gives us her best Cruella DeVil impression, and has one of our most impressive Rate Your Stars Right rounds yet.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Abubakar Salim is not just the developer of Tales of Kenzera: ZAU, he’s also an acclaimed actor known for Raised By Wolves, Jamestown, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, and the upcoming House of the Dragon season two. That kind of resumé demands respect, and unfortunately, the GLHF team is borderline unable to give it in GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast episode 13.
Luckily Abu just happens to be one of the funniest people in either the games industry or acting business, and tackles each of our questions magnificently, with a trademark “buzz” that will ring through your ears. That’s after he gives us a deep-dive into what it’s like working as an actor who has to pretend Watford is the ocean, and what motivates the themes behind Tales of Kenzera: ZAU.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Shovel Knight pixel artist Sandy Gordon joins us for Game & Fortune episode focused on 2D pixel indie games - or it was, before we lost all of our credibility. We also argue about which is better, The Lord of the Rings or One Piece, and Kirk forgets which game Sandy worked on entirely.

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Kinda Funny's Greg Miller joins the GLHF staff on this episode dedicated to the PS3. Prepare yourself for the judge's most lenient handing out of points seen yet, and a heated debate about Persona 4 Arena.

Monday Feb 19, 2024

This week we have another special guest double-bill, with Yuri Lowenthal and the BAFTA-winning Cissy Jones. These two are on the GLHF podcast to spread the good word about American Arcadia, but you might recognize them from video games and anime like Marvel's Spider-Man, Helldivers II, Promare, Baldur's Gate III, Starfield, and many more. This time we're talking mainly about video games the two have starred in, The Game Awards controversy, and more.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

In this Soulslike-themed episode we are joined by Yahtzee and Frost, formerly of The Escapist, now in their own independent venture called Second Wind. They regale us with tales from their lives while competing against GLHF staff for points.

Monday Jan 22, 2024

PlayStation Access star Rosie Caddick joins the regular GLHF crew in this episode which is dedicated to all things PlayStation - but one particular console manages to take the spotlight, yet again.

Monday Jan 08, 2024

Simon Miller of WhatCulture, YouTube, and professional wrestling fame joins the GLHF team to prove who knows the most about subjects that are Simon's specialty specifically: Batman, Gears of War, and wrestling.

Monday Dec 18, 2023

Star of indie FMV hit Immortality Manon Gage joins us for an indie-themed podcast episode. Paolo, George, and Ryan join her. Guess which of them gets annoying at the end.

Monday Dec 04, 2023

In our fifth episode of Game & Fortune features special guest Lucy James, as seen on GameSpot and Giant Bomb. The theme for this episode in RPGs, and the team will - as usual - get into some heated debates with The Judge about how the points should get handed out. Plus, Knack jumpscare.

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